Thursday, November 24, 2016

How to draw the side view

Hell Boy - Redemption

Redemption is something that fascinates me. Maybe because I went to catholic school as skid or maybe because I know I screw up a lot or it's probably because of my perfectionism ;)

I did Hell boy print that I really enjoyed. It is quite and interesting story.

Hellboy is a demon that was born from a witch and a devil then summoned by Nazis. Not a good start for this guy.
He was adopted by a catholic priest and then goes to work for the US government as a paranormal investigator.
The lesson to be learned from this character is that we make our own destiny - no matter how bad our start was. If a demon can be redeemed, 
how much more hope should we have that we can be redeemed from bad beginnings, huge mistakes, or wrong turns in our lives.

This is part of my future book called "Life lessons from Heroes and Villains" Coming 2017
This is an alternative to my "Life is a Circus - Life Lessons from the Greatest Show on Earth." My husband thought the boys would appreciate some comic book characters to learn lessons from.

Perfectionism; A Psychological Prison

With the new year coming I wanted to share a book I read. Sometimes we can have an "All or Nothing" mentality that we actually sabotage our own efforts. So this new year - let's focus on the journey and not the destination.

Psychological prison:   

  • Fear of failing
  • Obsessed with the destination and outcome
  • All the way or nothing at all
  • Thinking that the world is not Fluid and changing all the time (50’s motherhood)
  • Not enjoying nor appreciating, and missing the magic MOMENTS
  • Avoiding pain by procrastinating
  • Imposing perfection on myself
  • Not looking at things in the light of ETERNITY
  • Not accepting reality  - there are only 24 hours in a day

Below I added a video from Brian Johnson from Philosophers Notes that gives you a quick synopsis of the book.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Birthday Wishes

I have a little 7 year old that moved into my house in the end of April. Her mother was deemed unfit and parental rights were terminated.

This little girl is so small, quiet, and any loud sounds startled her. She didn't even speak the first week and half she was here. 

I had asked her to think of a small birthday list. I was shocked when she asked in her most timid voice, "Are we allowed to ask for an electronic?" All the girls in the house have some kind of phone or tablet. She was the only one who didn't have one.

I explained to her we didn't have that much money to buy a tablet but that I would pray and I asked her to start praying too. For 3 weeks I was trying to figure out how or where I was going to get an "electronic" for her. I looked for my old phones, my kids old Gameboys... but I couldn't find anything (nothing that didn't look like it had been in a war).

I went to the office to ask for a gift card for the little girl's birthday cake. While talking with the volunteer coordinator about the little girl's request and the hard time I was having finding something appropriate. 

The volunteer coordinator went into her office and pulled out a small tablet. 

She told me she had this sitting there since Christmas but never gave it to anyone. I was so happy I had to give this lady a hug. 
I am so grateful for people who donate because this little girl who just wanted to be like the other girls got her birthday wish.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Ministry is in the Mundane

Last month I wrote about the practical ways to prevent child abuse and help at risk youth. Read here.

And someone I met in the human Trafficking class accepted the call and came to my house and hung out with the girls last Friday night.
It was a good night. We made cookies, ate raw cookie dough, danced to music videos (the girls did), watched Pitch Perfect 2, and sang along to all the songs.

Most times the difference you make in someone else's life is in the regular mundane everyday things. 

There wasn't kicking down doors and rescuing girls from abusers or what ever people think it takes to make a difference. Sometimes watching a movie with someone is enough. 

Helping being part of making a positive memory will go a long way.

Wonder Woman super hero

...When she was given the magic lasso of truth they said to Wonder Woman,“Having proved thyself bound by love and wisdom, we give the power to control others! Whomsoever thy magic lasso binds, minds obey thee.” Wonder Woman responds, “With its great gift, I can change human character; I can make bad men good, and weak women strong.” It takes strength not to abuse that kind of power....
Coming 2017