Thursday, July 31, 2014


Photo References                                  

  • is a good place to find high resolution stock  photos for references. Yes, they're all completely free. contains hundreds of photographs. All of the photos are posted by individuals who want to share their work with others – and there is no cost to you. You can download any of the free images to use for your own inspiration or as reference material for your art. The only stipulation is that you may NOT use the photo "as is" for resale products. Photographers also ask that you credit them with the photograph if you use it on a website.  
  • Of course Google Images
  • Pinterest

Good Books                                                                             


Camilla D'Errico is one of my favorite artists. Her newest 

book, "Pop Manga" is a great book to teach you how to 

draw manga style characters. She goes over tools that she

uses. I was surprised to find out that her favorite pen is a 

regular Bic pen and copy paper to draw on. So thinking that 

you need "professional" materials is not an excuse to not 

create beautiful art. She also goes over how to draw cute 

chibi characters and their mascots. Final chapter is on 

making a panels and layout for a manga. 

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is also an awesome artist. Her book 

"DreamScapes, creating magical Angel, Fairy, Mermaid 

Worlds  with Watercolor" is a great resource for basic 

watercolor techniques, drawing hands, feet, wings, leaves, 

roses, mermaids and more. 

I like Shojo Fashion Manga Art  School because it has a lot 

of references for clothes; gloves, accessories, jackets, 

pants, skirts, shirts, guys, girls... The first part of the book 

has how to draw hair, expressions, and faces.

What is helpful in "The Art and Technique of Graffiti" by 

Scape Martinez is the sections on Color Study. 

Scape explains how to choose colors that pop against one 

another, Color combinations, drips, glow, drawing 

"iconography,"and background ideas.

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