Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting organized with a Pace Chart

I learned a neat way of organizing from my kids virtual school. The school calls it a "pace" chart. This helps them to stay on "pace" and for them not to fall behind in school. So I adopted their chart and made one of my own to pace myself when it comes to my art work. I'm pretty organized, but at times I can get really overwhelmed because I can see all the details and this helps me break it down into bite sized pieces.
Below is an example of one I did last year.
It is very helpful. You put the month or week on the left and then the list of tasks to be done. You can add dates - so you are creating a deadline for yourself. This is just for an aid not etched in stone. 

Example of a Pace Chart


June                                        Clean up loose ends          June 30                                       
 Work on bathroom art                     June 25
 Photograph Jazz singer for prints    June 26
Start and finish Snow white drawing  June 27
Paint roses on snow white frame       June 28
Trade out 3 art from gallery w/ 3 fairy tale art  June 29

June                                                July Fundraiser         July 30                              
Start and finish Luke and yoda
Facebook, blog, and Instagram about it
Share on blog
Photgraph Luke and Yoda for prints
Buy prints at Staples
Add artwork to website
Add $1 button for sale on website
Write up for Seminole Voice

October                                        Jazz Festival College park   Oct 10      
Get prints of Cellist
Prints of Jazz Singer
Prints of 2nd singer
Get a smaller canvas ready to paint 2nd singer
Paint another singer at festival
Paint Breast Cancer larger for Jill
Make 1 breast cancer music box
Facebook, blog, and Instagram about it

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