Saturday, May 25, 2013

Progress Photos of "Sing"

I just finished a large piece last night called, "Sing." I personally really like this one. I love Green! I once painted my work area "center stage green" and black and white. It was beautiful....anyway.....
Well, I wanted to show you my progress pics from this "Sing". I couldn't decide what colors I wanted so I posted a quick sketch on line and asked everyone to vote on which combination was better. It was fun letting my Facebook friends decide. Then I started the painting at the Gallery On the Edge one night. From there I was working on it here and there for a couple of weeks. I got stuck when I started procrastinating on the lettering. I finally moved past it with the help of my husband and daughter who helped me pick a nice font. Now it is for sale on my web store.
Enjoy the pics!!!!

TA DAaaa!!!!

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