Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Total Epic Save - My Girl

I was down - then I  was so psyched. I started a triptych to enter in a show. Well, I started the paintings. Requirements were - theme: Sunshine and have the color "orange" in the painting. Without carefully reading the instructions in the application, I began to paint. Then my son asked me to make a painting with a person with a gas mask. When I googled "gas masks." Different artists like Banksy came up. I then remembered somewhere f a r a w a y that I had read that name----IN THE APPLICATION!!!! So I went to re-read the application again. Well, to my surprise, not only was the theme sunshine and use the color orange in the painting...well they wanted art that had that "Low brow" "pop surrealism" flavor to it. Most of the time I do work like like if you have seen "Take Control." I really liked the painting I did because it was so much lighter than my usual work. I  was disappointed for a sec when I thought this may not fit the show.... 
While I was out with my family at Disney Market Place, we heard "My Girl" by the Temptations and of course we all sang along. Then it hit me - I will change the quote I had originally had to the lyrics to "My Girl." Oh man, was I excited! I came home, finished it up with the lyrics and  now the painting makes more sense and I'll probably put it up at The Gallery on The Edge in College Park, Orlando. So that is my story of a total screw up to a TOTAL save!!!! Yeah!

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