Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yoga helped my Creativity Block

I started yoga to help me relax and not be stressed out all the time, but it had an awesome side effect - my mind was so free from thinking of so much crap that I actually had room to come up with some great ideas for artwork.
It's funny because I really have a hard time to come up with good ideas to draw from my imagination. There was especially one idea that I had (with a bird cage), but I struggled with coming up with a sketch that I was happy with. I did it several times. I actually even gave up for a few weeks, then I started the yoga, and after doing it  - I sketched it out again, and I was so glad what I came up with.
I feel like I have a hard time stopping and listening so I can tap into those ideas I have. Sometimes my mind freezes up like a computer freezes up when you have way too many windows open or you command it to do too many things at once. By going to yoga (I only go once a week at this time and NO, I am not standing on my head) and taking the time to be present and quiet I am able to come home and be calm enough to hear and see the ideas I have inside.
Here is a link to "Yoga and Creativity" is an article talking about yoga and helping with creativity...
Also, when i can't get to class this is the video I use. 

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