Monday, January 28, 2013

Update and Art Show

I know I have disappeared for a while - I have been working on... 
1st- Myself.
2nd- Preparing for an art show.
I turned 40 last year in March and I had some goals set for this year. 
At first, I did really well, exercised, ate well, worked on not complaining, did some art work...but then my job went crazy and it sucked up every second of my life, I was not managing my stress, and the eating went down the drain - I almost quit my job.
It wasn't all bad because I was forced to look at my life and how I didn't put myself first and really start to work on my thoughts. 
It has been about 3 months and with consistency, making some changes, taking time everyday to at least take 15 - 30 minutes to myself, some yoga, journaling  and Breathing....I have been able to clear my head and mentally prepare myself to work on getting ready for an art show.
So My FIRST art show will be February 16 & 17 at the Art Expo in Altamonte Springs, Fl.
I have several pieces (they are on my website for sale) that will be in the show and also - during Christmas I made the cutest little box for my niece. 
My husband liked it so -  he suggested that I sell those too.
Hopefully, this year I will be able to add a web page on my site where I can make these for gifts. 
So far I have 4 that I made and I get new ideas everyday for another one. 
I'll post the pictures of my box - I added music "Fur Elise" to it
Below is a picture of my niece's box....

My Artwork "Ballerina Dreams" on top.
Her personality!



  1. Congratulations on your first art show. The little box is beautiful.

  2. Hope the art show goes well, the box is lovely!

  3. Loved your pieces...beautiful daughter bought ballerina dreamer....she has not stopped looking at it since we got it!!! And my son was touched by your story.....keep doing your good work!!