Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Progress Pics of "Vulnerable"

Sometimes people are curious to see the progress photos of art work... so here are some pics of my latest work called "Vulnerable."

I called it "Vulnerable" because when you are an artist and you begin to put your art for the world to see I feel like...
I am letting myself be vulnerable, putting my heart out there. 
Vulnerable to whatever, people's opinions, criticism, and if you  know me - you know I hate that ;)
I mean my art can be very personal sometimes, letting people know what I am feeling or what I like.
I wonder do other artists feel this way? 

Here are my progress photos.

I started out sketching it, she originally was going to have a "Skull Candy" like face, but then I changed my mind.

This one was the final sketch in pencil. I forgot to get a picture of the inking part. I usde pen and ink to draw the outlines.

Here I started the watercolors. 
Here are some shots of the finished drawing/painting.

Hope you like.


  1. I Loooove it!! The hair! The red! All of it. You have a gorgeous style.

  2. Lovely, I really like the black & red.

  3. really nice balance between colours, lines and tones.

  4. I love the steps :) Nice work