Monday, August 6, 2012

Stories about the boys pt 1

Thanks for all the nice comments and emails regarding my last post!
Since now you know why I am taking selling my art a little more serious, I thought I would share some of the stories of some of the boys who have lived with us or live with us. 
Due to confidentiality, I can't say any names.

We had one boy who would thank me and be so happy after we made him dinner and when we would go grocery shopping- Yes, this is true, a huge thank you for food.
I guess he really took care of himself and his little sister and rarely had someone cook for him. So whenever we had a family meal, he would be so thankful.
Yeah, this kid wasn't perfect, he lied a lot - (because he liked to smoke cigarettes and do drugs when he got stressed out about the tiniest little thing and of course you can't do that in our house) but he was always genuinely thankful for anything we bought him (clothes, candy, a movie, a nice pen). 
His thankfulness was a great help to to me to see past his behaviors. He lived with us for about 1 1/2 years.
Don't get me wrong - these boys want to make me pull my hair out when they call me every 5 minutes and ask me the same question 100 times, but my prayer everyday is "God, please I pray we made some kind of difference."
First art work for sale - "Pulled in Many Different Ways"

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  1. lovely work margie. great style. and good luck with your sales. hopefully you'll inspire your boys to take up drawing too.