Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hell Boy - Redemption

Redemption is something that fascinates me. Maybe because I went to catholic school as skid or maybe because I know I screw up a lot or it's probably because of my perfectionism ;)

I did Hell boy print that I really enjoyed. It is quite and interesting story.

Hellboy is a demon that was born from a witch and a devil then summoned by Nazis. Not a good start for this guy.
He was adopted by a catholic priest and then goes to work for the US government as a paranormal investigator.
The lesson to be learned from this character is that we make our own destiny - no matter how bad our start was. If a demon can be redeemed, 
how much more hope should we have that we can be redeemed from bad beginnings, huge mistakes, or wrong turns in our lives.

This is part of my future book called "Life lessons from Heroes and Villains" Coming 2017
This is an alternative to my "Life is a Circus - Life Lessons from the Greatest Show on Earth." My husband thought the boys would appreciate some comic book characters to learn lessons from.

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