Friday, June 5, 2015

June Monthly Story

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One day when it was my turn to cook dinner, which is part of the Child nutrition program at Safehouse, I was making spaghetti. The kids were very excited about the spaghetti. Almost everyone was served and a little boy asked me, "Ms. Margie, can I please get some more?"
I told him that I had to serve every single child first to make sure all the kids get a plate and he looked so sad. So, I let him know that at the end if I had any leftovers that I would give him a second serving.

 He said ok and sat the counter waiting patiently and

the hopeful look in his eyes almost broke my heart

After serving all the children, I asked him if he still wanted another plate of spaghetti and he said, "Yes, and can I get the red stuff too (sauce)?" He handed me the plate and I served him his spaghetti. As I turned around to grab a napkin, 

I hear this giggle of joy that I thought came from a video game or toy.

 I asked the little boy, "Did you make that sound?" and he answered, "Yeah." He giggled again and ate that plate of spaghetti and red stuff with such joy. When he was done he said thank you to me and had the biggest smile on his face.

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