Wednesday, April 15, 2015


- Chris Pine

There are days, even weeks, when I can get into a rut. I get stuck at looking at what I'm not doing, what I haven't done, what hasn't worked out, where I am, am I even making a difference?
Well, this kind of thinking can get me down, anybody down. Today, as I was driving to RaceTrac to drown my blah mood in a cup of coffee,

I asked myself, "What if I stood on the outside of myself and looked at my life like I was a totally unrelated person?" 
What would I think of my life then?

Doing this helped me. I stopped and thought...
"Wow, this husband and wife are working in fields that help to change the world, they have two beautiful, well behaved, doing well in school kids, a long, wonderful marriage, a cute little family, they live a simple life, and they have talents that they use all the time." 
Looking it at my life from a different perspective like that made me be like, "I want to be them."

I also RE-defined what my present job description is - 

Original description: Work in after school program
New description: Assist victims of domestic violence with child care so they can start a new life over by either looking for a job or child care while they are working to save money to move their families to a new safe place and away from a life of domestic violence and fear.

So lesson to myself ..

Changing your perspective and definitions can help get you out of a rut.

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