Monday, September 30, 2013

Points of references and Strength


"We are like tea bags - we don't know our own strength 
            until we're in hot water."   Sister Busche

A few years ago, I had a fellow face painting friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was so nonchalant about it...

"Hey Margie, by the way I can't do this party next week, can you do it - because I'll be in the hospital for surgery. I have breast cancer." 

When she said that -  I was like, "Holy Crap...isn't that a big deal, aren't you upset, why are you working right now, why are you acting like you're going in for a massage? But she was all about business and behaved like this "breast cancer" wasn't going to mess with her face painting business or her life. 
After talking with her, I thought about how life can throw - cast - hurl - fling at us some crappy situations and the strength that we have to muster up to get through them - BUT it also made me think about  past negative circumstances and how I did make it through and how it made me stronger.
I didn't like it, it wasn't easy, but after my crappy situation passed - 

I was much stronger, smarter, better informed, and it gave me a point of reference for my future fights!  

When the next circumstance came around I already had the knowledge, 'If I made it through that, I can make through this." It literally gave me strength -  Mental strength to block out negativity, physical strength to push myself when I didn't feel like it, spiritual strength to believe that my faith is evidence of the things I hope for. 

"Point of Reference: an indicator that orients you generally; information or experience that you already have that helps you to understand or deal with a new  situation."

It was evident that my face painting friend had her "point of reference" that helped her be strong through this and she was able to handle her news with grace and not freak out. 

"Was there ever a time that was haard for you, but you were able to make it through becuase you had a point of reference to help put your situation in perspective?"
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Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in honor to these women who have been through so much I painted a new painting called "Strength" and I re-painted the watercolor version I did last year. 
Prints of both of these are available for sale on my website and the originals will be available at The Gallery on The Edge
Part of the proceeds from these artworks will go to Scooters4Hooters.

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