Saturday, September 3, 2011

Masks part 3

Once, my husband and I participated in a seminar where one of the activities was to wear a black mask out to lunch -in public (just like the ones in the series I just did). They didn't tell us why, but just that we had to do it - we would find out later. My husband was not happy about doing this! 
Well, we did it because it was part of this seminar and a good friend recommended this seminar.
So, as me and about 10 other people are walking into McDonald's in the busiest mall area in Orlando, Florida,  where all the tourists are,  people begin to stare. In my mind, since  I already looked like a fool (or burglar) I decided I was just going to begin talking to people. I am extremely shy, but that stupid mask made me just not care what people were thinking. I guess it was part looking silly and the other part I was wearing a mask - they wouldn't know who I was. 
I actually liked not worrying what people were thinking of me - or maybe already KNOWING what they thought of me (what a weirdo wearing a mask in public, it's not Halloween)
Well, as for my husband, he does not like to made a fool of and half way through lunch he took his off. We still laugh till this day about how strongly he felt about that little mask.The little mask beat him - LOL.
Well  any way - we got back to the seminar and they asked us how did we like wearing the mask in public, did people stare, how did we feel, etc... and the lesson was about how we are always wearing some kind of a mask - even though we aren't walking around with physical masks like the ones we had on at McDonald's.
 I guess my mask that I hid behind was being quiet and shy.


  1. What a wonderful story. I know how it feels to be shy. Nice to hear you could step out of it for a day at least. I'm wondering if your husband is normally outgoing and if the roles were reversed for a day.

  2. I love your drawings - and the mask series is great! Excellent story!

  3. Yes, what a wonderful series, and I loved reading your story .... food for thought! nancy