Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Masks part 2 - process

Beginning stages of painting/drawing
Final stage of painting/drawing

When I do these, I have been really been enjoying the process. I'll draw a small ink drawing of whatever, then I'll blow it up on the copier, paste it down onto sturdier paper, color it in with colored pencils, use some acrylics, a sharpie to outline, then finally cover with a thick layer of gloss to get it all shiny. unfortunately you can't see it in the scans.
 Thanks for everyone's comments! I really appreciate it. You create all alone and there is really no one to ask for feed back - well my kids, but they won't tell me if they don't like it - LOL
Next post I'll tell you the story about a seminar I went to where they made me wear a mask to McDonald's.


  1. Love the sketch and can't wait to hear the story about the mask you had to wear to McDonald's.

  2. What kind of gloss are you using?