Saturday, May 21, 2016

Birthday Wishes

I have a little 7 year old that moved into my house in the end of April. Her mother was deemed unfit and parental rights were terminated.

This little girl is so small, quiet, and any loud sounds startled her. She didn't even speak the first week and half she was here. 

I had asked her to think of a small birthday list. I was shocked when she asked in her most timid voice, "Are we allowed to ask for an electronic?" All the girls in the house have some kind of phone or tablet. She was the only one who didn't have one.

I explained to her we didn't have that much money to buy a tablet but that I would pray and I asked her to start praying too. For 3 weeks I was trying to figure out how or where I was going to get an "electronic" for her. I looked for my old phones, my kids old Gameboys... but I couldn't find anything (nothing that didn't look like it had been in a war).

I went to the office to ask for a gift card for the little girl's birthday cake. While talking with the volunteer coordinator about the little girl's request and the hard time I was having finding something appropriate. 

The volunteer coordinator went into her office and pulled out a small tablet. 

She told me she had this sitting there since Christmas but never gave it to anyone. I was so happy I had to give this lady a hug. 
I am so grateful for people who donate because this little girl who just wanted to be like the other girls got her birthday wish.

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