Monday, February 15, 2016

Life Icon part 4

"Close your eyes and take three deep breaths… This is the only moment you need to be worried about. There’s no yesterday. There’s no tomorrow. There’s just right now. You’re not late for anything. You aren’t going to miss anything. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. And you’re exactly who you’re supposed to be. You’re absolutely perfect. And whatever happens today is exactly what’s supposed to happen.”

A really good suggestion from  psychologist, Eric Maisel, is to create a life purpose icon. It is similar to the totems that each person had in the movie Inception. It was personal and really only the owner of that totem knew the significance of it. 

It is a simple, quick way to visually remind me of how I want to live. 

How I arrived at my icon  (the compass) was by thinking of a symbol that helped me convey what I kept forgetting.  Since my life purpose statement is...

"I intend to do my best without compromising my values. I will continue to learning, growing, creating and remembering that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be because God is leading me."

I needed symbol that helped me remember that everything is a process  - I can't get from work to home with out traveling inch by inch from one place to the other. I want to be where I'm supposed to be, but when trouble comes, I'm quick to question if I'm really in that place. Self doubt tries to take over. The compass symbol helps me redirect my thoughts.
I chose to print my icon and put it on my daily planner so I can see it everyday. Some people may choose to make it a tattoo, get a piece of jewelry, or get a poster of it.

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With process comes progress 

- be it a journey in learning something new, getting rid of bad habits, finishing a new piece of art work, or driving home from work. It also brings to mind that even if things don't go as planned it's o.k. God is leading my steps and maybe the new journey is way better than the trip I had planned. I chose not to point it directly north because - since I am trying to reach my true north - and it is all a journey it shows me that I haven't arrived, BUT that I am on my way. Helping me not to focus on results, but instead, this helps me focus on the progress - enabling me to celebrate little victories along the way.

What icon/symbol helps you easily remember how you want to live? How would you design it?

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