Thursday, February 25, 2016

Heroes and Villains - 2016 Project

Iron Man Print Available
Many of you know that I self published my book - "Life is a Circus, Life Lessons from the Greatest Show on Earth" last year. It was something I enjoyed working on so much! 

The idea came to me when I was at my mother-in-law's house for Christmas and I felt I wanted to communicate to the youth, my husband and I had worked with, the lessons that we worked hard to teach them. I felt that they would leave us but they were usually going right back to the environment the came from (which usually was not the best one). Then in the middle of the night the ideas came flooding in, one after another...ringleader was first, the trapeze artist, the contortionist... each one had a lesson to teach about life.

We have given out many copies of "Life is a Circus" to girl who have left our care and moved back to their families, some copies went to survivors of human trafficking for Valentines Day, as Christmas gifts to the youth at an emergency shelter, and to youth on there last day at a domestic violence shelter. I am so glad that my family and I have been able to give these out to those survivors, victims and future victors!

Well, after finishing the book, my husband noticed that the illustrations were more suited for the females - so we came up with the idea of comic book characters for teaching some life lessons - so "Heroes and Villains" was born. 

I hope to get a good amount of characters to convey lessons about life. Some examples are; 

  • Joker and Harley Quinn - lesson about toxic Love 
  • Poison ivy - Eco-terrorist and her love for the environment 
  • Catwoman - 9 Lives and perseverance
  • Woman Woman - displaying strength 
  • Iron Man - Believing in yourself
After I am done with all these illustrations, my plan is to participate in some comic book conventions to share and sell my artwork - eventually raising enough to help me purchase more books to share with more at-risk people, exploited women and children. Eventually I want to create gift bags that will have these books included in them. 
You can read more about it in my post - "Gift Bag Joy."

If you enjoy these, please don't hesitate to share this with friends and even purchasing some. A percentage of every sale goes to helping me share these books and more.

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