Thursday, December 24, 2015

December monthly Story

The month of December was a challenging one. There was a Friday where all the girls were not speaking to each other due to several issues going on (bullying, cliques) and the mood in the home was very tense. That evening me and Rafael Forestier​ had some friends from Christ Fellowship scheduled to come over. When the life group arrived, the girls came out of their rooms and greeted the guests. One of the life group members had a baby named Elijah. Almost immediately, the atmosphere of the house changed. The girls were so focused on the baby, our guests, dinner, and the wild game of Pictionary that all the girls forgot about their issues with one another and in their lives. The girls had so much fun they didn’t want our guests to leave. That life group ministered to this house that night more than they would ever know or understand. 

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