Thursday, September 10, 2015

Monthly Story

One of the services a domestic violence shelter provides is the Domestic Violence Group meeting. This is an outreach service which is very important in the healing process for our survivors.
While doing childcare during the domestic violence group, I had the chance to watch 3 toddlers. They all had very different personalities and working together was not on their agenda. I had to figure out a way to keep order and have fun.  I gathered all the same sized Lego blocks and I started to create a tower. 

I had forgotten the joy that toddlers get when they build something and knock it down.

All three joined me to gather all the same Lego shapes and build the tower and knock it down over and over.
After the group was over and the mothers were coming out to pick up their children, the toddlers didn’t want to leave. The tower building was too much fun for them.

Safe house provided a service that was safe and fun for these mothers’ children, while at the same time providing a place for healing for these survivors.

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