Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cinderella didn't ask for a Prince

"Cinderella Never Asked For A Prince"

As a kid I always illustrated Cinderella. Thinking back - I never drew the prince. I drew Cinderella, her room, her dress, her carriage, her shoes...
So you know I had to do a piece of Cinderella and this awesome quote.

After reading this quote it reminded me of the at-risk youth I have worked with for many years now. One of the biggest obstacles I have noticed for the females is - understanding that they don't need some one to "complete" them or make them feel "worthy."

When we take the time to grow on our own as an individual, we learn about ourselves, we become strong, find our potential, our voice becomes clearer - we learn that we are just enough as ourselves. We then can enter a relationship as one full part instead of two incomplete parts coming together. 
Imagine a painting done by two toddlers? Now Imagine a painting done by two adults. 
The first is going to be a hot mess, there will be arguing, ignoring, crying, tantrums, etc.. The second example, there will be sharing, discussion, experience.
As Celestine Chua from states, "When you view a relationship as something that completes you, you attract other people who have this mindset too, and that leads to a relationship which is rooted in fear and negativity. The latter attracts your soulmate relationship, one that elevates you, makes you a better person, brings you actual bliss and joy."Go, do some growing on your own - alone.

Cinderella didn't go looking for a prince, her presence drew him.

Cinderella was confident in herself, her inner beauty glowed from the inside out. She went into that ball owning it. The prince had no choice but to notice her. She lived how she was supposed to and she attracted what was hers. 
When we know who we are, what our convictions are, have taken the time to grow ourselves, we have full clarity of what we want and only go after what is best for us, we will more likely know exactly who to "Shoo fly shoo" away from our lives without fear that no one else will ever come along. Also, if someone doesn't, SO WHAT? You are too valuable and precious to just be with just anyone.

So the next time you watch the movie or read the story, remember Cinderella really didn't go about looking for a prince. She had plenty of time to learn about herself and know exactly what she wanted and her inner light shone bright. 

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