Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Humor; Just laugh at Yourself

Humor Let's take a lesson from the circus clown. 
He or she does silly mistakes, she trips and falls, loses her things, gets chased by a dog, her pants rip, and she spills her water. The Clown knows how to laugh at herself when things are not going right. Sometimes we make a dumb mistakes or our day can seem very serious; stop and make a joke, make someone laugh,nmake yourself laugh.  
Life can seem to be too serious at times. 
Go ahead, clown around and see the humor in life. 

This is part of the "Life is a Circus...Life Lessons from the Greatest Show on Earth" Series. Each piece of art work will be accompanied by a page with a "positive note" and quote just like the one above.

This will be part of a book that I am hoping to complete to give away to each female youth who leaves our emergency shelter.

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