Monday, May 19, 2014

From broken to whole

As you know, I have been working on my book to give away to each female youth that leaves from our program. 
These girls are considered adults at 18 and move out on their own or go back to their families, another program, or back to their old environment. 
I wanted to give them something that continues to encourage them and motivate them even after they leave. Encourage them that they have the power and capabilities to become a teacher, business owner, nurse, MMA fighter, stay at home mom...many of these girls don't believe in themselves. It saddens me when you hear a girl think that all she thinks she can become is a "dancer" - Air quotes.
Or that she will be moving in with her "boyfriend" after she leaves the program. These girls need to believe that they can become more than what their environment is telling them that they can become.

As I was researching Circus characters I found this movie...It is so perfect. It is exactly what I imagine when I see some of these kids. It is only 20 minuets long but very encouraging.

                  The Butterfly Circus

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