Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day dreaming

I day dream a lot - usually of going to the beach or feeling the sun on my face (on the beach).  :)
This mixed media painting/drawing I did on my way to the beach with all my kids (as my husband was driving). Then I finished in the way back from the beach.
I really have been enjoying experimenting with glue, colored pencils, regular pens, gel gloss and black outlines! There I said it! I love those black outlines! My professors in college would yell at me when ever I started drawing my out lines too dark, so that's where all the excitement is coming from.
I had to unlearn a lot of things from college. Art in college (at times) wasn't even fun, it was all about the grade and pleasing my professors. I am really enjoying just doing whatever and finding MY own style and not developing my professors style of painting or drawing.
Well anyway - sorry for the rant - enjoy

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