Monday, November 8, 2010

Can we trust others to see us without our mask?

Still working on some sketchbook pages. I am enjoying the whole drip effect so I may keep with that whole thing for a little while. 
The story behind this one came from a time when I took a seminar and they made us wear black masks out in public. The whole reasoning was that we were supposed to see how differently we behaved while having the mask on. Some people were pissed that the teacher would ask us to make fools of ourselves in public, and some of us became more outgoing (since we already looked like fools anyway.)
As I remembering this whole experience, it made me think how we all wear masks; when we are sick, we pretend were ok, we don't like someone, we pretend we do, we cover up the true us, and what we are really feeling and don't reveal (fully) who we are, pretend we have it together when we don't.
Can we trust others enough to take the mask off?
I guess we all wear them at one time or another, some more than others do. Maybe we do it because  we fear that someone will make fun of us for what we believe and how we feel or what makes us happy,scared, or if we let people see our true selves (no mask on) will we scare other people? LOL 
Well anyway, on that whole thought came out this sketch. The whole wearing a mask thing has been bugging me, so I may do a series of paintings with the whole mask theme. By the way, thanks for reading whoever you are - LOL.

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  1. WOW! I love this! Your linework is fabulous and the dripping adds interest!