Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Changing to the word NEXT

Here was my response to an article I read today on one of my favorite blogs
I really enjoyed this article! I like the word "next" because it's putting out there that this is not the LAST and final great piece. As an artist, changing to and using the word 'next" makes me feel like I have another million chances to create a painting...for instance,"Hello, this is the next painting in my mermaid series." I like that much better than, "I am working on my mermaid painting." It sounds so final, so  - I better do a good job on this...and that's when that ugly voice comes in and starts telling us,"Don't blow it, you only have one chance at this."


  1. Really nice mermaid! I love mermaids! The ones in your previous post are nice too. I like that you used pearl beads too on the "mermaid dreaming."


  2. Anne, thank you so much. I added glitter for some pizazz! It makes it look really nice - too bad it doesn;t show up in the picture. i was experimenting with some 3D, using somescrapbooking pearls.